The current concept is to build a rockfill embankment with clay core adjacent to the Flinders River on Saego station and make use of the natural topography of surrounding basalt plateau to create a suitable “off-stream” water storage facility in the order of 200,000 mega litres (ML).

How many megalitres of water will Saego “Off-Stream” Storage facility hold?

190,000 ML.

How many megalitres will be provided for irrigation purposes?

30,000 ML/year at 94% monthly reliability and 40,000 ML/year at 70% monthly reliability.

What percentage of water is being taken from the Flinders River Catchment?

Only 1.8% of water is being diverted from the entire Flinders River Catchment.

How many megalitres of water is being diverted from Flinders River into Saego “Off-Stream” Storage facility?

On average 114,000 ML.

Will environmental flows within Flinders River downstream of the proposed Saego “Off-Stream” Storage be impacted?

No, environmental flows will be maintained.

What is the proposed Full Supply Level of Saego “Off-Stream” Storage?

266m AHD.

What is the maximum depth of Water in proposed Saego “Off-stream” Storage facility?

14m at the base of the western end of embankment wall.

What is HIPCo’s current scope of work?

Work on the Detailed Business Case (DBC) is scheduled to commence in August 2020.

When will construction commence?

Only after a Detailed Business Case has been developed and approved, which may take a couple of years.