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Apr 2024 - HIPCo Community Update No7 - Gulf Water Plan Review

Jan 2024 - HIPCo Community Update No6 - Water Plan (Gulf) 2007: Minister’s Performance Assessment Report

May 2023 - HIPCo Community Update No5 - Government Round Table

Feb 2023 - HIPCo Community Update No4 - Water Tender Stage 2 - Yirendali Cultural Centre

Dec 2022 - State and Federal Government support for the Hughenden Irrigation Project in 2022

Dec 2022 - HIPCo Community Update No3 - Project Milestone Highlights

Nov 2022 - Hon Madeline King says funding for the Hughenden Irrigation Scheme remains in the budget

Oct 2022 - Hughenden Irrigation Project is here to stay" says Channel 7

Oct 2022 - The Queensland Premier says “We are absolutely committed to progressing the Hughenden Irrigation Project”

Oct 2022 - Project Customer Workshops

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Oct 2022 - Investor Project Update (KBR)

Oct 2022 - Introduction to HIPCo and the Hughenden Irrigation Project

Sep 2022 - HIPCo Community Update No2 - A Comprehensive Update

Apr 2022 - Detailed Business Case completed ✔

The Detailed Business Case (DBC) has been accepted by both State and Federal Governments.

Mar 2022 - HIPCo Community Update No1 - What is the proposed Water Project

Feb 2022 - Yirendali and HIPCo learning about Sandalwood and Forestry Plantation Enterprises together

(L to R) – Mal Frick (PeritusAG), Roy Collis (QUINTIS), Tracey Harbour (Yirendali), Peter Borrows (HIPCo), Jim Hill (Yirendali) and Michael Hughes (QUINTIS)

Dec 2021 - Project Update - Public Forum at Hughenden 15 Dec 2021

Click on link:  Project Update – Public Forum at Hughenden 15 Dec 2021

Quotes from the locals:
“fantastic to see you guys still up and running”
“its so exciting – so much work done”
“great to see the State government releasing the water – lets hope all the good work results in an big allocation”
“thanks for keeping us up to date”
“if our town is to survive we really need this”

Dec 2021 - Project Update

We have been busy doing multiple studies and preparing documentation required by the Australian and Queensland Governments (literally thousands of pages).

The HIPCo project is in good shape to proceed to the next phase. We have now completed all the major studies required for the Detailed Business Case and the project is viable – with a healthy economic return. There are no unmanageable environmental issues and we are preparing to apply to the Queensland Government to secure water entitlements.

On the topic of securing water entitlements, HIPCo has been engaging with the State government as part of its water release process in the Gulf Plan area. We can advise the Queensland Government commenced this process on 30 November 2021. It will take some time for the Queensland Government to allocate water to various applicants as its a multistage process. During this time, we intend to undertake some pre-construction work and re-engage with all of you who participated in the Round 1 Expressions of Interest and Round 2 Letter of Intent processes.

We will embark on Round 3 – Water Sales when we are clear on the overall project approvals process. This will likely be mid-2022. We will also provide more detail on the land sale process.

This update is great news for the local Hughenden community and all those who expressed an interest in participating.

Going forward, we will be more active on social media to provide updates as they occur and answer questions if you have any. This will all start in the New Year 2022.

In the meantime, there is an informal Project update in Hughenden on Wednesday 15 December at 5pm. The venue is the Western Hotel.

The meeting at the Western Hotel is not an announcement of project approval as we are still a fair way away from that. It will be an update with a Q and A session about where the project is up to .

Please come along and join us if you would like to know where the project is up to and what are the next steps.

Watch out for the Website updates on and our social media.

Please feel free to call Jeff Reid on 0427 411 878 or Clayton Maclean on 0429 728 970 as they are best placed to speak to prospective farmers and irrigators.

Nov 2021 - Flinders River water tender opens

Jun 2021 - On-site Geotechnical Investigations 🚛

Feb 2020 - Preliminary Business Case completed ✔